Bodegas Pinuaga

The winery of the Pinuaga family is located in Corral de Almaguer, in the La Mancha region. Valentin and Esther, second and third generation Pinuagas, take care of the 30 hectares of bush vines, planted at high altitudes between 750 and 800 metres. Most of the vines are old, between 15 and 65 years in age, and require special attention and dedication when it comes to grafting and training. Combined with the diversity in soils (sand, clay, limestone and some alluvial), they deliver wines with great complexity.

All plots are manually harvested at night and fermented separately to preserve the character of the variety and the terroir. As respect for the environment is very important to Valentin and Esther, they are certified organic and let indigenous plants grow freely around the vineyards, so that beneficial insects feel at home. 

Ever since the winery opened in 1960, the Pinuagas have taken a minimal intervention approach to winemaking, so that the soils, age of the vines and varietal characteristics are able to shine. They have also started a recovery project for indigenous clones originally planted by their grandfather, to keep traditions alive and add even more complexity to their fantastic wines.

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